Ravenclause Token

Supply Available: 8,950,744 / 10,000,000

Fund price: £0.10

Funded Cap RVN: 49,256 RVN

Funded Cap USD: $4127.16 as of 00:47 UTC 1 Jun 2021

Tokens Reserved: 1,000,000

Reserved Token Value: £100,000 (10% of cap)

Reserved Funds Denominated Value: 1,724,137 RVN as of 00:53 UTC 1 Jun 2021 ($0.083/RVN,~£0.058/RVN)

EST Forward Looking Fully Diluted Cap.: 17,241,379 RVN (£1,000,000) as of 00:55 UTC 1 Jun 2021 (~£0.058/RVN)

If you are interested in joining the team or becoming an investor please email [email protected]

Please check back for more detail soon of how to participate and become a Ravenclause member participator.
This detail is not a final representation of any hypothetical fund, security, or specified investment.